We at Pace Prestige Services consider Health and Safety as our foundation, the starting point for any operation or contract that we embark on. We have a strong team of Health and Safety professionals here to provide the necessary support and advice for your requirements.

Before any operation is taken on, the starting point will be the undertaking of a Risk Assessment by our team. We will identify  the correct level of security you require and work out the implementation of emergency procedures should that need arise.

We would look at the venue or location of the operation, what procedures and in house arrangements are in place.  If we need to make our own recommendations before anything else goes ahead, our team will undertake a Risk Assessment during an operation, so that the clients wellbeing is always our priority.

Our team of health and safety professionals have over 20 years of experience in the Health & Safety/Fire/Risk Industry, with numerous universally recognised qualifications, and professional body memberships.